Record new text posts in a channel to a Google spreadsheet and weekly digest


A great way to keep track of posts made to a public channel where you're an admin. Channel posts will be recorded in a Google spreadsheet and each Monday morning, you'll get an email digest of the posts from the previous week. Vive la bureaucratie! Note that this applet will record text-only posts, you'll need another applet for photos.


Telegram icon
New post in your channel

This trigger fires when a new message is posted in a public channel where you are an admin. The @IFTTT bot must also be an admin in the channel.


Google Sheets icon
Add row to spreadsheet

This action will add a single row to the bottom of the first worksheet of a spreadsheet you specify. Note: a new spreadsheet is created after 2000 rows.


Email Digest icon
Add to weekly email digest

This Action will add an item to your weekly digest sent once a week on the day and time you specify.

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