Set My Home To Away Mode


Send a Text Message to close your Hunter Douglas PowerView Shades, turn off your Philips Hue lights, Set your Abode alarm, adjust the temperature of your Nest thermostat and lock your doors.


SMS icon
Send IFTTT an SMS tagged

Send IFTTT a tagged SMS by adding a hashtag symbol anywhere in the message (e.g. #IFTTT).


Hunter Douglas PowerView icon
Activate Multiple Room Scene

This Action will activate a Multiple Room Scene.


Philips Hue icon
Turn off lights

This Action will turn off your hue lights.


SmartThings (Legacy) icon

This Action will lock your SmartThings devices that support locking.


abode icon
Change mode

This action will change your abode system to the selected system mode.


Nest Thermostat icon
Set temperature

This Action will set a Nest Thermostat to the temperature you specify. NOTE: works only when Nest is set to Home.

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ID xsUN2m4x

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