If it's 30 minutes before sunset on weekdays, turn on my WeMo table lamp


This recipe turns on a Belkin WeMo powered table lamp 30 minutes before sunset on weekdays. To create the trigger, first create a HomeSeer virtual device and name it "30 minutes before sunset on weekends" (or whatever you wish). Then, create a HomeSeer event that will turn this virtual device on 30 minutes before sunset. You should also create a corresponding recipe and HomeSeer event to turn the virtual device and WeMo powered table lamp off at the time of your choosing.


HomeSeer icon
A device is turned on

This Trigger fires when a device attached to your HomeSeer system is turned on.


WeMo Smart Plug icon
Turn on

This Action will turn a WeMo Switch on. If the WeMo Switch is already on, it will remain on.

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