Lifelong learning with IFTTT

A recent study showed that 73% of Americans consider themselves “lifelong learners.” It also found that things like broadband and smartphones are major contributing factors — the more technology people have access to, the more likely they are to pursue learning activities on their own time, like reading publications or attending conferences.

We like to think IFTTT is a part of that trend, too. Between the smart buttons and the connected cameras, you’ll find services that can feed you a steady diet of interesting and important information.

Here are two ways to incorporate IFTTT into your lifelong learning, with some Applets to get you thinking about the possibilities:

1. Randomize your learning.

These Applets will keep you on your toes and ensure you always have something new and unexpected to scroll through. Perfect if you’re prepping for trivia night, or looking for interesting dinner party conversation fodder.


2. Curate your own syllabus.

This is for everyone with too many tabs open! These Applets funnel information from sources you specify to services that will let you revisit them later, and catch up. Remember, we’re showcasing a variety so you can understand the possibilities — there’s nothing stopping you from choosing one service, such as a Pocket or Instapaper account, and funneling everything into it.


Check out Reddit, Pocket, the New York Times, Wikipedia, Digg, and the Space service on IFTTT to explore hundreds of other Applets, or create your own. If there’s another source you want to keep up with, try using the Feed service to connect its RSS feed to a service that organizes notes.

Here’s to a life of learning — stay sharp!