Calling all Makers

In November of 2016, we opened our partner platform and launched Applets. Since then, we’ve grown in every way — more users, more partners, and more Applets. We’ve also seen the number of people using our developer tools and services grow to over 200,000.

We know this passionate and creative group, our Makers, are eager to use the powerful Applet building tools we launched for partners last year. So today, we’re excited to announce that the Maker tier of the IFTTT platform is open!

What does it mean to be a Maker? When you sign up for the free tier, you’ll be able to:

  • Publish Applets for other users to turn on. You’ll have a public profile page where you can show off all your Applets.

  • Build Applets that work with any service on IFTTT. You no longer need a BMW in order to build an Applet for one — you don’t even need a valid driver’s licence! There are over 440 services on IFTTT, and you can mix and match any of them to build your Applets.

  • Build Applets with multiple actions and filter code. You can go beyond “if this, then that.” Adding another action to an Applet is as simple as an extra click. We’re also launching a filter component that enables you to input Javascript code that changes how an Applet runs.

If the thought of Javascript makes you go cross-eyed and you’re not interested in sharing your Applets, don’t worry. Nothing will change for you: You can still build Applets for your personal use that work with the services you use (check out our tutorial for a simple how-to).

However, you will start to see Applets built by Makers in the IFTTT app and on our website. These will work just like any Applet built by a partner. In fact, based on what we’ve already seen from this community, we expect even more from them — the creativity of our Makers has always been a source of inspiration. Check out some of the initial creations:

Ready to become a Maker? It’s free to sign up and explore, and there’s documentation to help you build. Maybe next time we’ll be showcasing one of your Applets. Have fun!


Become a Maker