Songkick is on IFTTT

There’s nothing like seeing live music. Your best friends, the perfect venue, your favorite songs — when it all comes together, it’s magical. To help you have that experience as often as you can, we’re delighted to welcome Songkick to the platform!

Songkick is the world’s largest concert database (12,000 listings are added every week!) and music ticketing platform. Their service is designed to help you quickly find the shows you’re interested in: you can run Applets based on searches, tracked artists, or venues.

You can use it to keep an eye on some of the most musical cities and popular venues in the world.

You can share once-in-a-lifetime shows with your friends and followers.

You can even start the party early at your house by connecting Songkick to your smart lights.

Don’t risk seeing those dreaded words — “Sold out” — when your favorite act passes through town: check out all of Songkick’s Applets today!