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Google Calendar got a huge update

Fitting your entire life into a teeny tiny screen can be a daunting task. Thankfully, Google Calendar and IFTTT are here to help! Applets have always helped you quickly create events and bring important information into your calendar, but now they can do even more. Here’s what we updated:

Choose different calendars for each Applet

Got both a work calendar and a personal calendar? Got a family calendar, and one just for you? In the past, you could only link one to IFTTT at a time. Now you’ll be able to turn on Applets that work with any calendar you own.

Hot tip: If you've enabled Applets in the past and would like to change the calendar they work with, just click the gear icon in the top right to reconfigure. No need to make brand new ones!

Run Applets when events end

Automate all those post-meeting tasks, like turning your ringer back on or creating a doc for meeting notes. Or just get a final reminder, to make sure you don’t forget to send a birthday greeting. You can run these Applets for every event, or get specific and only run them when an event has a certain name or keyword in the description.

Run Applets when you respond to an event

Keep track of your packed schedule — and share it with the people who need to know. Super handy if you manage a group calendar for the office or your home.

Quickly sync event details between calendars

You’ve always been able to quickly add events to your Google Calendar via IFTTT. Now, with the “Create a detailed event” action, you can seamlessly sync calendars by pulling over start and end times, titles, descriptions, locations, attendees, and even whether an event is all day or not.

We’re heading into the busy holiday season, so these updates came at the perfect time. Give them a try, and let us know how it goes! Want to know as soon as any other Google Calendar improvements are made? Turn on these Applets to stay in the loop.