Home sound system, energy management, security, and more — new on IFTTT

The smell of crisp air and the sound of leaves crunching beneath your feet can only mean one thing — 🍁 is officially here. In between sampling pumpkin-flavored goodies, IFTTT helped more than 20 new apps and devices launch their services. Here’s what’s new!

We are thrilled to welcome Sonos to IFTTT. The addition of this wireless home sound system 🎵 offers a new level of environmental customization and control. Start your favorite playlist the moment you walk in the door, set music cues that tell you when your dinner is ready, create a Sonos routine so your favorite ‘get psyched’ track plays when it’s time to hit the gym, and more. Sonos + IFTTT redefines the expression “soundtrack of your life.”

Cooler weather can mean a huge spike in your utility bills. These new services can help keep your energy use in check ✅. As the most advanced thermostat to date, Maestro by Stelpro adjusts your home’s temperature based on a variety of pre-programmed events, including who is home, what rooms are in use, and more. For commercial customers, Fort Collins Utilities Commercial Conservation Events provides real-time notifications and usage adjustments.

Hive launched two new sensor types that let you regulate your environment. The Hive Window or Door Sensor can boost hot water 🚿 or ambient temperature, adjust lighting, and more based on a door opening or closing. Meanwhile, the Hive Motion Sensor offers similar features, but triggered by movement.

Tired of heating or cooling your entire home, just so you can be comfortable in bed? The OOLER sleep system can regulate your sleeping environment 🛏. Similarly, Blue Connect can heat your pool based on a specific program you design, eliminating energy waste.

Once you’ve made sure that your home is comfy and cozy, you’ll want to keep it safe and secure 🔐. These new services let you monitor things like movement, smoke, water leaks, and more.

Notion is an all-in-one smart home sensor that can alert you to events ranging from when a door opens to if your CO detector goes off. Beam is the simple and sure way to control and monitor your garage door from anywhere. Never wonder if you accidentally left it open again.

Worried about a frozen pipe bursting while you’re away? Flo can alert you to critical issues and shut-off water supply, protecting your entire home from water damage and leaks.

Looking to make your 🏡 even smarter? There are 3 new services on IFTTT that allow you take full control of everything in your home, from lighting to temperature, and everything in between.

Anyware Services are enabled by the Anyware Smart Adaptor — a unique room sensor that retrofits your existing lamp — and can help you seamlessly integrate your IoT devices. If you’re more experienced with smart home technology, there are several new hub services to take your home to the next level. Innogy SmartHome is a full feature smart home system that helps you combine heating, lighting, security, and more. Looking to control your lighting, sockets, dimmers and switches?  AduroSmart connected bulbs 💡and smart gateways can help.

Electrolux launched on IFTTT with their first service, Purei9. Meanwhile, Home Connect’s Roxxter brings their offerings up to eight services.

Knocki, currently available for pre-order, is a small wireless device that instantly transforms ordinary surfaces into powerful access remotes for your favorite devices and softwares. Now you can set temperatures, start your morning coffee, lock or unlock devices, and more with a simple tap. In search of a smart devices that is as attractive as it is functional 🌟? Mui lets you receive alerts, messages, and other notifications through an aesthetically-pleasing wooden display.

The addition of Longreads 📚 to IFTTT means it’s now easier than ever to save and share longform content to your favorite platforms and devices. While Canon’s service launch allows you to print from popular apps and devices on the go.

Finally, we are excited to welcome EVE For Subaru to our line of connected car services 🚘. EVE For Subaru allows you to access and monitor your IoT connected appliances and smart home devices from your dashboard.

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