Upshift your life with BMW + IFTTT

Take your BMW to the next level with BMW Labs ConnectedDrive + IFTTT.  Access over 600 services and devices right from your BMW dashboard to create a truly customized driving 🚘 experience like no other.

Thanks to BMW Applets, you can receive the latest news and weather updates, tell a loved one you’re on the way, alert your smart home 🏡 to prepare for your arrival, and more — all from behind the wheel.

Now that’s the ultimate driving machine.

Hello, home sweet home

After a long day of work, what’s better than returning to the comforts of home? These Applets work together to ensure you get a celebrity-worthy welcome.

If you’re the first one home, your house can greet you as you pull into the driveway. Our Applets will open your garage door, turn your lights on, and set your smart thermostat 🌡 to a comfortable 72 degrees in advance of your arrival. Or, maybe you’re the last one home — starving and ready for dinner. Let loved ones know you’re close by so they can have a hot meal waiting.

Create personalized dashboard updates  

If you’re on the road all day, you’ll love getting customized updates — like the latest weather ☔️ or news 📰  — straight to your dashboard. Set dash notifications for what’s important to you. Expecting an important work email or text? Applets can display incoming texts and emails so you’re not tempted to look at your phone while driving.

With your long to-do lists, it’s easy to forget little things like picking up milk on the way home. Don’t worry, your spouse or roommate can remind you by sending an updated grocery list to your BMW.

Found it!

Lose your car again? Let your smartphone lead you to the precise location of your car — whether it’s a few steps or several city blocks away. You’ll love these two Applets for saving you from walking in circles when you’ve got more important things to do. Get an email with a map 🗺 of where you parked, or save a phone notification that pinpoints your parking spot. Lost car crisis averted.

No matter how busy life gets, with BMW Applets you can navigate your life right from the driver’s seat. Want an even more customized experience? Suggest a BMW Applet you’d love to see featured!

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