What is a Webhook?

  • A Webhook allows you to integrate with services that are not already on IFTTT using simple web requests. These Webhooks are unique to you using your own unique URL key, which can be found in the Documentation section of the Webhooks service page. A Webhook can act as both a trigger and an action, so the web requests are extremely flexible and customizable.

    What is possible with Webhooks?

    To put it simply, anything. We have seen IFTTTers get creative and use this tool to connect with many different services across the internet of things. One of the most popular Webhooks to create is to integrate IFTTT with Siri using the Shortcuts app on your iPhone.

    Our team recently added three exciting additions to the Webhooks service, which now allow users to receive web requests with a JSON payload, add custom headers, and use IPv6 addresses in the URL field.

    How do I use Webhooks?

    Check out the guide on our FAQ page that has more detailed information on the steps to follow, or take a look at what others have done on Reddit, YouTube, or Hackster.io.

    Looking to use Webhooks for Discord?

    Our most popular Webhook now has its own service integration, check out Discord on IFTTT.

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