Case study: Wyze makes truly smart home monitoring possible

By The IFTTT Team

October 21, 2019

Case study: Wyze makes truly smart home monitoring possible
  • Wyze is a Seattle based company that’s disrupting the smart home industry with its affordable, consumer-driven smart cameras. Through their IFTTT integration, Wyze is able to offer its users the opportunity to connect their cameras to over 630 services, apps, and devices. We spoke to Wyze’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Scott Wilson, to learn more about the origins and evolution of the integration, and how consumers have responded.

    Why did Wyze choose to integrate with IFTTT?

    “When it comes to adding features to our cameras we have two main strategies. (1) We carefully listen to what people are requesting on social media, Reddit, our forums and our customer support emails and (2) we brainstorm what we think will be valuable to the customer and what we ourselves would want in a product. IFTTT was one of our customers' top requests … so we decided to prioritize integrating with IFTTT. “

    What was your go-to-market strategy for the launching your service and connections on IFTTT?

    “Our main strategy for our IFTTT launch has been communication through our traditional channels such as Social and Email. We've also taken to our website to advertise our new integrations for potential customers that are still evaluating their purchase decision.”

    What performance indicators are you using to measure the success of your integration?

    “We consider our integration a success because of the number of Wyze users connecting to IFTTT and using the service.”

    Since launching in May 2018, over 40,000 users have integrated with IFTTT, connecting to almost 270 services and enabling 100,000 connections. Over 350,000 connections run each day — nearly 80 million in total!

    How have customers responded?

    “Customers have responded positively to the integration.”

    This enthusiasm is evidenced by the robust discussion and collaboration in the Wyze community boards. It’s exciting to see users embrace the potential for customizations through IFTTT. Users have created connections for everything from voice control to Shabbat and Yom Tov compliance. The latter use case is particularly exciting as it solves an existing Shabbat issue that has emerged with home automation (1).

  • Any tips you'd be willing to share for other services launching on IFTTT?

    “Creating awareness and education about IFTTT for your customers is very important. We put a lot of resources into the IFTTT integration because expanding the value our cameras provide to our customers is one of our top priorities. Once IFTTT is integrated, you've got to come up with a plan to let your customers know it exists. Once you let your customers know it exists, you need to educate them on why it's an awesome integration and why it's a value-add for their camera. I.e., This is why we decided IFTTT is a good integration and here's how you can make the most use of this new service.”

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    1. Pavel, Don. “A Wyze Camera for Shabbat.” Jewish Link NJ. (accessed October 18, 2018).