Things are a bit different around here! Check out these FAQs to learn what’s changed.

Where are my Recipes?

Recipes are now called Applets. Applets can do everything Recipes could do — and much more. Applets bring your services together to create new, multi-dimensional, experiences.

Where’s my dashboard?

Your dashboard sits under the “My Applets” tab on and in the IFTTT app. You can view and manage all of your Applets there.


Did you say “IFTTT app”? What’s happening to IF?

We’ve rolled out a major update to the IF app. If you already downloaded the IF app, you don’t have to do anything but update the app to see the changes. In addition to a new name and design, it’s full of Applets to discover.

Download IFTTT from the App Store and Google Play.

What about the DO apps?

We’re streamlining things and your DO apps are available in the redesigned IFTTT app. All of your active DO Recipes are now called DO widgets and accessible from the My Applets settings tab in the mobile app. Add widgets to your Notification Center or as standalone apps on your homescreen for extremely quick access.


Are all the same Channels still on IFTTT?

Yes, but now we’re calling them services — it’s the term that best fits the wide range of apps, devices, and tools that we partner with. You can explore services by visiting the search tab in the IFTTT app or on You can browse by category, or search by service name.


Can I still make new Recipes?

Yes. You can make new Applets by combining any two services on IFTTT that work well together. It’s the same as creating an “if this then that” Recipe — it just has a new look and feel.


I liked the old IFTTT. Why’d you make these changes?

We’re excited to help you do even more with the services you love. The evolution from Recipes to Applets opens the door for some of the more advanced functionality you’ve been asking for, like multiple actions. Some of our partners are already building Applets with our new tools — check them out!

If you have feedback or just want to say hi — you can reach us on Twitter and Facebook. If you have a specific technical question or something isn’t working for you, you can browse our help center or contact us via our support form.

Visit our blog to learn more about Applets and stay up to date on all things IFTTT.