Live Life to its Best.. Be Happy with who you are and what you do.. And Stop complaining.. Just Do it! And experience the fruits of your hardship & labour! =D Facebook virgin since 21 May 2008 ;) NP.ICT.Society.3DO.Camp.0203 NPSU.FOC.0203.Schzando NPSU.FOC.0304.Vini.Vidi.Vici NPSU.FOC.0405.Chalope NPSU.FOC.0506.Odyssey NPSU.FOC.0607.Atlantis NPSU.FOC.0708.Camelot NPSU.FOC.0809.Greek NPSU.FOC.0910.Egypt NPSU.FOC.1011.Olympus NPSU.FOC.1112.Pantheon SMU starringSMU'10 ... So What's Next? You can add me..Don't Worry.. I won't Bite! Heez =) LoVe to Meet Peeps JusT Like You! I woUld like to meet yO…
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