I like most forms of cheese. Name: Kirt A. Dankmyer (goes by Loki) Significator: Knight of Wands (Prince of Wands via Crowley) Sign: U-Turn Allowed (Libra Rat) Birthplace: Pittsburgh, PA USA Species: hyper-evolved cow (occasionally rabbitoid or ferretish with feline tendencies) Sex: Yes, please Gender: Standard-issue clueless hetboy (male) Aliases (in no particular order): Nyarlathotep, Dr. Charlie Tannen, Mad Hatter, Loki, The Diabolical Doctor Dankmyer, Lord Parapsychology Major, YT, Xiombarg, Stan, Ian, DANKMYER X, Sufi-Krakoa Pith the First (Marquis de Iowa), Therion the Mad, Sir Bandersn…
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