Partner case study: Smarter

Smarter is a UK based company that’s reinventing the kitchen with their connected devices. When it came time to launch their Smarter Coffee and iKettle in the US, they partnered with us to increase awareness and adoption. The Smarter service went live on IFTTT in September 2017 in coordination with the launch and has proved pivotal to its success.

We spoke with Smarter’s Marketing guru, Michael Hutchison, to get his tips for integrating with IFTTT and how to leverage your service to reach new markets and build excitement.

How did the Smarter and IFTTT partnership come to be?

“We wanted to partner with someone like IFTTT who could connect us to the rest of the home. No one else could do that. You were our first partner; before Alexa and Google, you were the one. Our developer team was adamant that we work with IFTTT. We’re happy we did because it saved us from having to build complicated integrations in-house and time. It took only a couple weeks to integrate with your platform which immediately connected our products to voice assistants and other smart home devices used by millions of people in the US.”

How has the partnership evolved since you first launched?

“Having IFTTT onboard when we launched in the US added to the initial success. We were able to be first-to-market with our bean-to-cup coffee maker and iKettle that was integrated with voice assistants and other devices. We also managed to get some fantastic ongoing press coverage around the products due to their unique functions, thanks to IFTTT! In addition to this, we also made millions of impressions and had a huge level of sales over the holiday period with the aid of their annual GIFTTT Guide, which was another goal of ours after US expansion.”

What are some tips you’d give other businesses looking for a platform?

“When you’re launching a new product or entering a new partnership, look for a platform that can accelerate your timeline for integrations and alleviate costs for product development. IFTTT was the perfect fit for Smarter, and enabled us to really focus our resources. We’ve also found that IFTTT gave us insightful ongoing support and collaboration which further enhanced us as a growing company.”

What’s next for Smarter and IFTTT?

“We’ve got plenty going on in the ‘connected kitchen’ and will be launching more products that work with IFTTT. We want to harness the very best in technology and use it to help improve life, whether on a grand global scale or just giving a little boost in our daily routine. That’s what we intend on bringing to the world in our latest product, the Smarter FridgeCam. The FridgeCam service is coming in the new year — stay tuned!”

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