If Octopus Agile electricity price is low run my Honeywell hot water between certain times


When my Octopus Agile energy price is below x pence per kWh for at least y thirty-minute periods then run my Honeywell hot water. Set your own price threshold and the times between which you want this to run - e.g. to heat the water overnight (say between 1.00am and 6.00am) and use this Applet again for a daytime run (say between 1.00pm and 5.00pm). Check your bill for typical prices such as 9 pence overnight and 15 pence in the afternoon as setting too low values will result in no hot water.


Agile Octopus icon
Energy price change

Use this trigger to fire something when your electricity price falls or rises past your set threshold and between your preferred time settings.


Honeywell evohome icon
Turn hot water on

This Action will turn the hot water at one of your locations on. This can either be permanent or for a number of hours.

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