The FortiVoice service allows the user to be notified of missed calls, voicemail, and line availability. The user can also initiate commands such as switch your extension status to do not disturb or call forwarding.

The FortiVoice IFTTT service is compatible with the following systems: FVE-100E, FVE-300E-T, FVE-500E-T2/T4, FVE-1000E, FVE-1000E-T, FVE-2000E-T2, FVE-3000E, FVE-VM-100, FVE-VM-200, FVE-VM-500, FVE-VM-2000, FVE-VM-5000, FVE-VM-10000





  • Missed Call

    This trigger fires when you missed a call to your FortiVoice extension.

  • Voicemail Notification

    This trigger fires when your FortiVoice extension receives a new voicemail.

  • Line Busy

    This trigger fires when you try to make an outbound call, but the line on your FortiVoice PBX is in use.



  • Quick Mode Call Handling

    This action will change the quick call handling mode of your FortiVoice extension.

    Action Fields
    • Call Handling Mode
  • Call Forwarding

    This action will forward your extension to another number.

    Action Fields
    • Forwarding Number
  • Make a Call

    This action will initiate a call.

    Action Fields
    • Phone Number
  • Do Not Disturb

    This action will change your do not disturb setting.

    Action Fields
    • Status