Stay comfortable with ecobee + IFTTT

Stay comfortable with ecobee + IFTTT

Tired of ridiculous electricity bills? Or your kids adjusting the thermostat willy-nilly?

There’s nothing worse than getting an unexpected hike in your electricity bill.

What if you could prevent it?

Enter ecobee — a smart thermostat with remote sensors to keep your home comfortable and your electricity bills in check. Start your ceiling fan, lower the temperature, or even turn on lights remotely. With ecobee Applets, it’s easy to monitor your home on the go, and 🐝 in full control of your heating, cooling, and more.

Join the over 60,000 ecobee + IFTTT fans using Applets for this intuitive thermostat.

Comfortable living

Perhaps you just finished working out and walking into a sweltering house is not your idea of a cooldown. Applets can turn on your ecobee comfort profile setting as you approach home. Heading to work? No problem! ecobee can switch to its away comfort setting when you leave.

Inside look

These Applets help you rest easy knowing your house is safe and sound, even when you aren’t around. Keep an eye out for intruders with security notifications that tell you when movement is detected inside your home. If your house is busier than Grand Central Station, you’ll love getting notifications when your ecobee switches settings from home or away. Family members out late? ecobee will keep the home status set before 10 p.m.

Safety first

Away on vacation and worried about fires? If your home reaches abnormally high temps inside (119 degrees or higher), find out immediately so you can notify the fire department. Out for the day? Keep your pets comfortable and get an email to adjust your ecobee when indoor temps are a little too warm for Fluffy 🐶 🐱.

Stay updated

Are the kids off from school? They’re probably playing with your thermostat right along with their video games 🎮. Get a notification when someone changes the temperature at your house. Better yet, receive a weekly email with thermostat activity logs to monitor spikes of use.

Explore more

These are just a few Applets to make you feel even more comfortable in your own 🏡. Check out more ecobee Applets to learn about making your smart wi-fi thermostat even smarter.

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