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Applets that will change how you use Twitter

By The IFTTT Team

October 11, 2022

Applets that will change how you use Twitter
  • Twitter has always been one of the most popular services to integrate on IFTTT. Lately Twitter users have been sharing the neat ways they are using IFTTT to automate their research, information collection, and trend tracking.

    Save tweets

    There are two clear reasons to save tweets from a user to a spreadsheet. You can keep track of your own content and have an unaltered log of your words. This can be an easy way to stay accountable and keep clear records of what you have previously shared online. As a bonus, using Google Sheets means that you can search through the document using keywords at any time.

    Alternatively, you can track and save tweets from other users or that mention specific keywords. Use these triggers to make it happen based on what you want to track:

    New Tweet by user

    You specify the user, and this trigger will fire every time that user publishes a new tweet.

    New Tweet from search

    Specify keywords or combination of keywords that you want to track. This trigger will fire whenever there is content that matches the keywords you entered. You can also include account mentions using the @ or hashtags by specifying with #.

    New tweet by anyone in an area

    This is great if you are trying to get local tips for new places to visit or tracking mentions of a physical location of your business.

  • Know when someone is talking about you

    Track mentions of yourself, your brand, or projects you are working on so you can stay in the know, respond, or participate in online conversations. You can also send them to Slack for your marketing team to manage or send them directly to Telegram so your friends can see.

  • Read it later

    Push the tweets you like or from sources you follow to your bookmark manager of choice or your notebook so that you can review them later. IFTTT makes it easy to get the stories you want in one easy to access space, whether you prefer Evernote, Pocket, or any other tool.

  • Automated sharing

    The integrations between social platforms are some of the most enabled Applets on IFTTT for good reasons. Simplify your content strategy and social sharing but posting once. Even the ability to automatically sync your Twitter and Facebook profile pictures can save you time and keep your profiles consistent.

  • Explore IFTTT

    These Applets are just the start. With over 700 services available on IFTTT (and more added each week), you will be able to create integrations that make every thing work better together in your life.