Particle is a platform for interacting with physical things. In addition to development tools, Particle provides a distributed operating system for the Internet of Things that brings the power of the cloud to low-cost connected hardware.





  • New event published

    This Trigger fires when an interesting event comes from a particular device. Send events using Particle.publish.

    Trigger Fields
    • If (Event Name)
    • is (Event Contents)
    • Device Name or ID
  • Monitor a variable

    This Trigger fires when a value on your Particle device changes to something interesting. Include particle.variable in your Particle code.

    Trigger Fields
    • If (Variable Name)
    • is (Test Operation)
    • Comparison Value (Value to Test Against)
  • Monitor a function result

    This Trigger checks a function on your device to see if something interesting is happening.

    Trigger Fields
    • If the output value of (Function Name)
    • when you send it (Value)
    • is (Test Operation)
    • Comparison Value
  • Monitor your device status

    This Trigger fires when your device changes states (i.e. when it goes online or offline.) Useful for detecting the power is out, when the internet is down, or when your Particle device sleeps much of the time.

    Trigger Fields
    • If (Device name or ID)
    • is (Status of your device)


  • Publish an event

    This Action publishes an event back to your Device(s), which you can catch with particle.subscribe.

    Action Fields
    • Then publish (Event Name)
    • The event includes (Data)
    • Is this a public or private event?
  • Call a function

    This Action will call a function on one of your Devices, triggering an action in the physical world.

    Action Fields
    • Then call (Function Name)
    • with input (Function Input)