Aquanta is a retrofittable water heater controller brings your electric or gas water heater out of the basement and into the palm of your hand to heat water only when you need it. Aquanta Applets can help you manage your water heater automatically!





  • Your device has disconnected

    This trigger fires when your device goes offline, meaning it is no longer able to reach the cloud.

    Trigger Fields
    • Which device might go offline?
  • Your device has connected

    This trigger fires when your device comes online and successfully connects to the cloud.

    Trigger Fields
    • Which device might get online?
  • A leak was detected

    This trigger fires when a leak is detected by the specified device.

    Trigger Fields
    • Which device will detect leaks?
  • Your water heater has exceeded its energy use threshold

    This trigger fires when your water heater exceeds its energy use threshold.

    Trigger Fields
    • Which hot water heater should be monitored?
    • How much daily energy may be used before an alert?


  • Set Away

    This action will set your Aquanta into Away mode.

    Action Fields
    • What device should be put into Away?
    • When should the Away start?
    • How long should Away last?
  • Cancel Away

    This action will cancel an existing Away.

    Action Fields
    • Cancel the Away on which device?
  • Set Boost

    This action will Boost the specified device.

    Action Fields
    • Which device to Boost?
    • When should the Boost start?
    • How long should Boost last?
  • Cancel Boost

    This action will disable any running boost action.

    Action Fields
    • Device to take out of Boost mode