GIFTTT guide: Gifts that give peace of mind

By The IFTTT Team

November 14, 2022

GIFTTT guide: Gifts that give peace of mind
  • Improving safety might not be the first goal that comes to mind when planning your holiday list, but gifting items that help provide security can be a gift to you as well. Home security, smart driving devices, and cloud storage to backup files can all be ways to help protect the ones you love this holiday season.

    We are rounding up the top devices, apps, and services that give an added level of comfort to various aspects of our lives.

    Home security

    Smart home connectivity is kind of our thing, so we know that there are a ton of home security systems out there. Major considerations include whether they are looking for indoor or outdoor security, cameras or motion sensors, and what kind of additional features are important to them.

    There are great options from Ring, EZVIZ, and August, Angelcam.


    Wyze provides simple and cost effective home security options, ranging from cameras to door and window sensors.

    Netamo Security

    Netamo Security cameras have advanced features such as face recognition that can differentiate between a stranger and a family member, or even update you if an animal has been spotted.


    Arlo home security devices help protect your home inside and out, with an app that allows you to view what is happening in your home at any time.


    Another way to keep your loved ones’ home safe is with leak detection, such as the ones from Aquanta. Get notifications when a leak is detected and control the energy that is sent to the water heater every day.

    Smart driving is safe driving

    For new drivers (or the parents of a new driver), commuters, and eco-enthusiasts, connected driving devices can be powerful tools.


    Bouncie tracks a vehicle’s location, provides accident notification, unlocks real-time driving insights, and continuously monitors a vehicle’s health. This simple tool plugs into the OBD port on almost any vehicle manufactured after 1996.

    Cloud storage

    In a time when digital information is as valuable as what we keep in physical safes, cloud storage capacity is a great way to enhance online security.


    Dropbox allows people to bring their documents, photos, and videos everywhere. Connect Dropbox to other services, quickly add new files, and automatically sync documents on the go. Having a secure place to back up the information that matters makes it possible to keep things safe, even if your physical device breaks.

    Safety on the go

    Safety apps are bringing in a new form of connectivity and security, more advanced than calling a friend or leaving a note when you leave home.


    Noonlight is an app that provides security anywhere, anytime. Feeling unsafe? Hold the Noonlight button and police will be dispatched to your exact location. Each user can establish a safety network that will be contacted if you don't make it home and need to retrace your steps.

    IFTTT-enabled gifts

    The out-of-the-box functionaltiy of each of these devices and services is just the start. Each of our suggestions above are IFTTT-enabled, meaning they connect with our ecosystem of over 700 apps, services, and devices. Get a free account to explore what each of these can do through integration and automation. Here are some of our favorite Applets to get you thinking.

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