Telegram is on IFTTT

Telegram’s only been around since 2013, but the messaging app has made quite an impact. In those three short years it’s reached 100M monthly active users and it shows no signs of slowing down. We’re excited to announce that, as part of that momentum, we've partnered with them to add Telegram to IFTTT. 

The service is flexible and powerful, with six triggers that can run Applets and four actions. They can all be customized in various ways, depending on how you use Telegram: Whether you’re chatting in a group, admin to a public channel, or using the @ifttt bot as your personal assistant.

If you’re in a group chat: You can turn on and make Applets that anyone in the chat can run by messaging a key phrase.

Todoist to Telegram Applet

If you’re a public channel admin: You can make Applets that run when a new post is published or a new photo is shared in the channel you manage.

Log Telegram posts to a Google Sheet

If you’re private messaging with the @ifttt bot: You can control your smart devices or other apps quickly and securely from the Telegram app. You can access it from outside of the app by visiting

Set Nest thermostat by messaging @ifttt bot in Telegram

For all of the above, you can also turn on and make Applets that automatically send messages, photos, videos, and audio to the people and channels you’re chatting with.

This is just the beginning — we predict big things from this little bot. Telegram is a service that prides itself on speed, security, and simplicity; so, clearly, this partnership is starting off with a few things in common! We can’t wait to see how Telegram’s millions of users embrace Applets, and look forward to helping their team push the service in new and exciting ways.