Have the best vacation ever 2024

By The IFTTT Team

February 11, 2019

  • Research suggests that most of us don’t take enough time off. So if you’re lucky enough to be planning a vacation, we want to help you make the most of it. Try adding these connections to stay organized, learn everything about your destination, and record memories you can look back on fondly.

    1. Pack smarter

    Connect Google Sheets to create a packing list on-the-go, with one touch. As you remember things you’ll need to bring, you can add them right to your list. Traveling with others? Add them to the sheet so they know what to bring, too.

    • 2. Learn about your destination from the locals

      Reddit has hundreds of subreddits, which are forums focused on discussing particular topics. From Thailand to Tennessee, you can find passionate communities of locals and travelers talking about the areas they know best. Connect your account and receive posts from the subreddit you choose directly to your email. Set it up before you leave home to learn about your destination and plan, and check in while you’re on the road to learn about new events or activities.

      • 3. Stay on top of the weather

        Don’t step outside without knowing exactly what to expect. Receive a morning push notification with the weather forecast so you know whether to carry extra sunscreen, or an umbrella.

      • 4. Create a visual vacation diary

        Day One is an app that lets you create a simple and elegant journal. Connecting your account automatically adds Instagrams you take in a specific location to your Day One, where you can expand on them privately with all the details that made the photo special. When you want to remember your vacation, you’ll have a visual journal to transport you back to the moment.

        • 5. Keep track of the locations you loved

          While it might all feel memorable in the moment, a few months after you’re home you may not be able to recall that tiny restaurant you stumbled into while bumbling around a new city. Archive exactly where you were and when. Not only is it helpful if you plan a repeat trip, but makes it easy to quickly give friends traveling to the same destination your top recommendations.

          • Now you’re ready to plan and enjoy an amazing vacation. Sending us a postcard is optional, but feel free to tweet us with your best IFTTT vacation hacks and tips.