Introduction to IFTTT: A Beginner's Guide

By The IFTTT Team

May 29, 2024

Introduction to IFTTT: A Beginner's Guide
  • Hey there, glad you joined us. If you are reading this, we are guessing you have some interest in IFTTT, our powerful automation service that helps millions of people just like you change the way we work, play, and live.

    Do you ever find yourself thinking, "This would be so much easier if it was just done automatically?". Maybe it's grinding away at yet another Excel spreadsheet, or fumbling with the thermostat to get just the perfect temperature. These types of questions are what IFTTT was built on, and for the last 14 years, we have dedicated ourselves to providing no-frills solutions to your problems.

    Stick around, because, in this article, we are going to dive into what IFTTT is, how it works, and how you can start using it to simplify your daily tasks and routines.

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    Well, what is IFTTT?


    IFTTT (If This Then That) is our free web-based service that empowers users to connect over 1000 different apps, devices, and services, creating automated actions. If This Then That is a nod to a command in programming language and is the logic that our platform uses to execute almost any task of your choosing.

    Whether you're managing social media accounts, integrating smart home devices, or enhancing your workflow efficiency, IFTTT is an invaluable resource. You can browse our ever-updating library of user-made automations (known as Applets) or create your own in just a few clicks.

    Our interface is easy to follow and efficient, and you can create any integration you dream of with absolutely zero coding knowledge. With over 1 billion Applets running every single month, the possibilities are endless, making IFTTT a great tool for both personal and professional use.

    How does IFTTT work?

    IFTTT works by using triggers and actions. Triggers are the "if this" part of the equation, starting the chain of events. Actions are the "then that " part, executing tasks based on the trigger.


    Trigger: "If I post a photo on Instagram"

    Action: "Then save that photo to my Dropbox"

    Okay, so what? Well, this simple connection not only backs up your memories but also organizes them in a secure location automatically. If your Instagram is compromised, or you lose your phone, your photos will stay safe and away from prying eyes. For photographers, marketers, and other professionals, this could mean the difference between a slight inconvenience and starting everything from scratch again.

    Our favorite IFTTT examples

    Screenshot 2023-06-27 122316

    To give you a taste of what you can do with IFTTT, here are some popular examples that showcase the versatility and power of our platform:

    Smart home convenience

    Trigger: "If it's 7 AM on weekdays"

    Action: "Then turn on the coffee maker"

    Why: Wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee without lifting a finger. Smart home automations can be found here.

    Social media management

    Trigger: "If I publish a new blog post"

    Action: "Then share the post on Twitter and Facebook"

    Why: Automatically amplify your content across multiple platforms, saving time and increasing reach. Social media automations can be found here.

    Weather alerts

    Trigger: "If the weather forecast calls for rain tomorrow"

    Action: "Then send me a notification"

    Why: Never get caught in the rain unprepared again. Weather automations can be found here.

    Home security

    Trigger: "If my security camera detects motion"

    Action: "Then turn on the lights and send me a video clip"

    Why: Enhance home security by automating responses to potential intruders. Home security automations can be found here.

    Fitness goals

    Trigger: "If I log a workout on my fitness app"

    Action: "Then update my fitness tracking spreadsheet"

    Why: Keep an accurate record of your fitness progress effortlessly. Fitness automations can be found here.

    How to get started with IFTTT

    1. Create an account

    Screenshot 2024-05-14 202057

    Sign up for free by using your email address, or connect through your Google or Facebook account. This is the essential first step to start automating various aspects of your digital life with IFTTT.

    2. Explore existing applets

    Screenshot 2024-05-14 221920

    Browse through millions of applets that have been created by other users, or explore IFTTT's personalized recommendations based on the apps you’ve connected.

    3. Create your own applets

    Screenshot 2024-05-14 222011

    If you can't find an existing applet that meets your specific needs, you can easily create your own. Go to the "My Applets" tab, click on "New Applet," and follow the step-by-step prompts. You will be guided to select a trigger (the event that starts the automation) and an action (the result you want to happen). This process allows you to tailor applets precisely to your requirements.

    IFTTT pricing

    At IFTTT we offer a variety of pricing plans designed to cater to different user needs, ranging from basic free access to advanced features for professional users.

    Here’s a detailed look at the pricing structure:

    Free Plan

    Cost: $0 per month.


    • Create up to 2 applets.
    • Access to millions of existing applets.
    • Connect and automate actions between more than 1000 services and devices.

    The Free Plan is perfect for users who are new to automation and want to explore the basic functionalities of IFTTT.

    Pro Plan

    Cost: $2.58 per month, or $30.99 when billed annually.


    • 20 Applets.
    • Multi-step applets with multiple actions.
    • Conditional logic (IF conditions).
    • Faster applet execution.
    • Twitter Applets
    • Quickest Applet execution speeds.
    • Best-in-class rate limits.
    • Access to customer support.

    The Pro Plan is ideal for users who need more customization and advanced features for complex automation.

    Pro+ Plan

    Cost: $11.25 per month or $134.99 when billed annually.


    • Includes all Pro Plan features.
    • Unlimited Applets.
    • Advanced filter code for more complex conditions and actions.
    • Priority support.
    • Connect multiple accounts.
    • AI services.
    • Additional premium services and exclusive features.

    The Pro+ Plan is designed for power users and professionals who require advanced automation capabilities and priority assistance.

    Each plan scales with your needs, allowing you to start for free and upgrade as your automation requirements grow.

    FAQs with IFTTT

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    What's IFTTT mean?

    IFTTT is short for "If This Then That", and rhymes with "Gift." We used to be called 'if this, then that' because Applets would have one trigger and one action. If this happens — then that happens. These days, we just call ourselves "IFTTT" because there's so much more you can do, like complex commands.

    How many services work with IFTTT?

    As of 2024, we support roughly 1000 different apps and services, and this number grows by the day. Have a service you would like to see work with IFTTT? Submit a request here.

    Where do I go if I need help with an Applet?

    We have an extensive support site that can help you with all of your Applet needs. Visit our help center here for tutorials, service requests, and more.

    We hope that you have learned a little something about IFTTT and are willing to see how IFTTT can streamline your workflow and life. Join today for free!

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