Take control of your spending and saving with Monzo

By The IFTTT Team

April 13, 2022

Take control of your spending and saving with Monzo
  • What if you could demand more from your bank? More flexibility. More automation options. More collaboration. In short, what if your financial institution had a better connection to the rest of your life?

    Enter Monzo. Monzo is building the bank of the future for UK customers. With integrated money management tools, customizable saving options, no foreign transaction fees and other exciting innovations, Monzo empowers their users to make smart decisions about their spending every day.

    Monzo integrated with IFTTT to help you meet your goals, financial or otherwise. In fact, Monzo is the first financial service on IFTTT to allow access to your credit card transactions, purchases, transaction attachments, and more — which opens up options for Applets that hadn’t been previously possible.

    Automate savings

    Monzo makes saving money for specific goals easy — whether it’s starting a rainy day fund or saving up for your next tropical vacation. Instead of creating a separate account for your travel fund, you can simply create a pot. Monzo separates this bucket of money from your available balance, so you aren’t as tempted to spend it on something else. Now, with IFTTT, you can painlessly save money every time you use your card or even participate in savings challenges to help you get in the habit of saving every day.

  • Take control of your budget

    Even if you don’t buy any big-ticket items, lunches out, quick snacks and small impulse buys add up quickly — and can often derail your long-term financial goals. Luckily, Monzo's connections have you covered. Giving yourself a daily allowance can help curb that impulsive spending, and reviewing your transaction trends once a week lets you identify patterns and adjust as needed.

  • Easy record keeping

    Keeping track of reimbursable expenses can be such a headache. Stop digging crumpled receipts out of your luggage after business trips. Just snap a quick photo, and Monzo will take care of the rest.

  • Stay healthy

    Some of the most exciting connections for Monzo are designed to connect your financial habits with your other goals. You can reward yourself for going to the gym, remind yourself to drink more 🚰 and less ☕, or even sass yourself for going out to eat too frequently!

  • These are just a few ways you can meet your financial and personal goals using Monzo and IFTTT. You can check out more Monzo connections, or have a peek at all the creative ideas coming out of the Monzo community.

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