How to change your Spotify username

By The IFTTT Team

June 27, 2023

How to change your Spotify username
  • Spotify remains the most popular streaming music service on the planet despite recent efforts by Apple, Amazon and YouTube Music. With almost half a billion active users a common request is how to change your “username”.

    Before we start, however, we need to clear up a common misconception: it turns out that a Spotify username is not the same as your profile name (also known as display name). In reality the two are quite different. Your username is the permanent name used by Spotify to identify you, while your profile name is your public facing name that other users see.

    Note your username cannot be changed, and in fact you don’t even need it to log in to Spotify, instead you can use your email, phone number or social logins like Facebook or Apple.

    The good news is that changing your profile name is a simple affair:

    changing Spotify username

    To change your Spotify display name on mobile:

    1. Launch the Spotify app
    2. Tap the Home icon (bottom left)
    3. Tap Settings (the cog icon, top right)
    4. Tap View Profile (beside your profile picture)
    5. Hit the Edit button (below your profile picture)
    6. Replace your existing profile name with a new name of up to 30 characters
    7. Tap Save to update your new public facing display name

    To change your Spotify display name on Desktop, Mac or PC:

    1. Login to Spotify
    2. Click on the downward arrow beside your profile photo (top right)
    3. Select Profile from the menu
    4. Click on your profile name
    5. Replace your existing name with a new name of up to 30 characters
    6. Click on Save to update your new public facing display name

    Note your profile name (Spotify username) can be changed as many times as you wish and will be the only name that other users on Spotify see.

    Why can't I change my Spotify username?

    Spotify made a change in 2018 to not allow users to set their own Usernames. Their usernames since have all been automatically generated and random.

    Why is my Spotify username random?

    Spotify usernames will be generated from the server and will identify your account through the system's software. This was done to improve the user experience. The following statement is what they wrote on their FAQ page:

    "As we look to improve the overall Spotify experience, we’re now automatically generating usernames, hence the random numbers and letters. You don’t need to remember this to log in. You can log in with just your password and the email address associated with your account. During sign up, you can personalize your account by creating a profile name that’s displayed in the app. There’s no limitations to a profile name, so you can choose any you like :)." If you want to optimize your Spotify experience with an RSS feed, read our Best RSS Readers article.

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