How to start a podcast on Spotify

By The IFTTT Team

November 22, 2022

How to start a podcast on Spotify
  • Podcasts are a great way to keep your brain active. It is listened to as a form of your entertainment, but it is much more beneficial than you think! Whether you’re a listener or a speaker, it can educate you on subjects you’re unfamiliar with, improve your listening comprehension, and open up your perspective on certain topics.

    What’s your hot take? Start a podcast on Spotify today. It’s simple, but you’ll need a Spotify account first.

    Follow these steps to start your podcast:

    1. Create a Spotify account.
    2. Go to
    3. Log in to your Spotify account.
    4. Tap on “Your Dashboard.”
    5. Tap on “Get Started.”
    6. Insert the link to your RSS feed.
    7. Add your podcast information.
    8. Review and submit.

    Spotify users will now be able to listen to your podcast. Share your story to inspire!

    How to create a RSS Feed for Spotify

    After you’ve successfully created a podcast, spotify requires an RSS feed for their podcast directory. This will help spotify track the episodes of your podcast and allow spotify to index them in its search engine. You can find more information on how to create an RSS feed here:

    What other tools can I use to create an rss feed?

    You can also use a variety of other tools to help you create an RSS feed for spotify. These options include:

    • iTunes Podcast Connect

    • Feedburner

    • WordPress RSS Feeds

    • Libsyn's podcast hosting services

    • simplecast

    • Soundcloud’s RSS feeds

    No matter which option you choose, make sure the RSS feed is up and running before submitting it to spotify.

    How to choose a podcast hosting platform

    Now that you’ve created your spotify account and RSS feed, it is time to choose a podcast hosting platform. There are many different hosting platforms out there such as Anchor, Libsyn, Buzzsprout, Podbean and more. Each podcast hosting platform has its own set of features and prices so be sure to do some research before deciding which one is best for you.

    Once you have chosen the podcast hosting platform that fits your needs, upload your episodes and copy the RSS link from the host.

    Congratulations! You’re now ready to submit your podcast on spotify! Keep in mind that spotify may take up to 24 hours to index your podcast.

    How much does it cost to start a podcast on Spotify?

    What is an easy way to add podcasts to the Spotify platform? You can use Buzzsprout's podcast hosting platform for free and you should opt for the 12-month plan for $ 12 per month. You can now add content to your video library at the same time.

    How do podcasts on Spotify work?

    Choose Search and Type in the Podcasts category. Whenever you type a query, you're likely getting a few results automatically. Generally spotify podcast is subdivided into three categories: Spotlight, Top Podcasts, and New & Noteworthy.

    Spotify also features an array of third-party podcast recommendations. When you listen to a podcast episode, spotify stores the data in their database and uses that information to recommend other podcasts for you.

    How to Meet Spotify's Podcast Requirements

    The first step when you start a podcast on Spotify is to make sure you meet its podcast requirements. Here are a few things to remember.

    Your podcast should have:

    1. Every podcast episode you upload needs to have a title.
    2. When you upload cover art, make it a 1:1 ratio and PNG, JPEG, or TIFF format. The higher the resolution, the better.
    3. A high bitrate MP3 or MP4 format.
    4. When you upload a video make sure it is less than 12 hours.

    Optimize your Spotify with IFTTT

    If This Then That (IFTTT) is a website that helps you automate tasks. You can use IFTTT to add spotify podcast promotion to your other social media platforms. It’s free and easy to set up, so why not give it a try?

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    Make sure you read the Spotify guidelines first before using IFTTT, as they may change their terms of service at any time.

    According to spotify's official site, there are some things you should not do when promoting your podcast:

    • Do not post identical content across multiple accounts or services.

    • Do not spam or solicit users without permission.

    • Do not promote anything illegal or otherwise prohibited by spot

    How can I automate my podcast promotion?

    There are many tools available to automate your podcast promotion. You can use IFTTT to automatically post spotify episodes on your other social media platforms.

    Best Applets to post your new Spotify episodes to social media

    By automating your podcast promotion, you can focus more on creating exciting and engaging content for your audience! Start a podcast on spotify today and share your story with the world! Happy broadcasting!