Reddit and IFTTT: our tips and favorite subreddits

Reddit has been on IFTTT for years. But, unless you’re already familiar with its quirks, it may feel intimidating to dive in and figure out what Applets might work best for you. We want to help you get started and master everything this service has to offer — its thousands of subreddits contain a wealth of knowledge and discussion, on every topic imaginable.

Here are some of the coolest communities on Reddit, and the Applets that can help you get the most out of them.


Don’t worry — it’s safe for work! This photo-filled subreddit showcases the beauty of the planet. Bring a little flair to your social media by sharing these gorgeous scenes with your followers. If r/EarthPorn’s not your thing, you can always travel off-world, too, with r/SpacePorn.


Ever wonder what happened on this day, 100 years ago? Take a break from breaking news and travel back in time with a daily email featuring new posts from this subreddit.


If you’re sick of the same old on the radio, this sub might introduce you to your new favorite artist. This Applet hooks it directly into your Spotify, so you can automatically build a playlist of undiscovered tunes to check out.


This subreddit is full of in-depth articles on a variety of topics. Instead of getting sucked in over your lunch break, turn on this Applet that saves the hottest posts to your Pocket queue. Next time you have an hour to spare, you’ll have plenty of fascinating pieces to dive into.


An “AMA” means “Ask me anything,” and you never know who is going to show up to answer Qs in this subreddit. Recent guests include Bill Gates, an Alaskan salmon fisher, and a 92 year-old WWII veteran. Make sure you’re the first to ask your question with an Applet that sends you a push notification when there’s a new hot post.


Obviously, here at IFTTT we agree with that sentiment! This subreddit is a place where people share their favorite, underappreciated corners of the web. From the useful to the absurd, there’s always something that will make you click through. Gather up the top posts in a weekly email digest for a little Friday fun.

If we didn’t mention your favorite topic, don’t despair: you can easily create your own Applets to track posts for any subreddit on the site.

Once you’re comfortable with the site and you’ve racked up some “karma,” Applets can also help you contribute more, too.

Oh, and don’t forget r/IFTTT. Maybe we’ll see you there!