How to be more productive

  • You are more productive with IFTTT. The ability to create workflows, routines, and automate repetitive tasks make it easier to spend time doing the things that you love with the people who matter most. Plus, when you improve your daily organization, you are creating structure in your life that allows you to focus on other things.

    With over 700 apps, devices, and services available to automate and integrate, there are endless ways to improve your daily processes to make you more productive. We have rounded up the top tips and suggestions for you below, along with some of our most popular Applets. If you already know what you want to do, hit Create and get started right away. Otherwise, keep reading and we will walk you through Applets other IFTTT users find helpful.

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    Get your news and updates

    Create automated updates if you have a preferred news source or trusted way to find out what is going on in the world. Find out what the weather will be like in your town, get alerts if there is snow expected in the morning, and even create custom Twitter notifications when specific accounts or keywords are mentioned.

    For space enthusiasts, our Space alerts generated by NASA’s data remain some of our most popular notifications that users look forward to seeing.

  • Top hacks to streamline notifications and reminders

    A constant flow of notifications is overwhelming and can lead you to miss important updates. Tailor the information you receive to be relevant, straightforward, and in the language that you choose. With IFTTT, you can forward all of your notifications to an inbox, to a specific channel, or even to a certain device. Get a phone call when there is motion detected in your home or make a weekly spending digest to analyze your financials.

    Identify the key instances and information you want to receive, then prioritize your notifications based on the manner in which you prefer to get them. VoIP calls, text messages, app notifications, channel messages in Telegram or Discord, or emails are just some of the many options you have at your fingertips. Direct all of your work-related news to a Slack or Microsoft Teams channel in a few quick clicks.

    Here are some of the top ways users optimize their notifications.

  • Optimize your calendars

    Your calendars always work better when they integrate information from your to do list, other calendars, and even the devices within your smart home. Have custom events created so you can review when you last watered your plants or schedule a quick meeting at the touch of a button.

    To stay in sync with your partner or family members, utilize Applets that send messages to certain people when you have a new event added to your calendar.

    Your smart calendars can also give you the ability to retroactively track events and remember what you have accomplished. Add your work hours based on your location, log incoming calls from your Android device, or keep track of your sleep schedule or fitness activity each week.

    IFTTT is ideal for anyone who is interested in transforming the way they utilize their schedule and daily calendar. Check out how others are automating with these great Applets.

  • Take notes

    Isn’t it always the case that inspiration strikes at the least convenient times? You may have experienced getting your next great idea as you hop into the shower or waking up in the middle of the night with a clear solution to an issue. With the note and camera widgets on your smartphone, you can now create quick memos or notes that get sent to your inbox or saved to a dedicated document. Have your voice assistant help you send a message to your future self or take a quick snap of something you love and add it to an inspiration file.

  • Save and donate more money (automatically)

    Smart banking and integrated activities can make it easier (and faster) to save money. Create goals and triggers that keep you accountable. While Qapital and Monzo are some of the most straightforward ways to automate your savings using their IFTTT integrations, you can track different data points using spreadsheets and calculate the amount that you should transfer to your savings every month.

    With automations, you can track every time you enter a specific location and or save every time it rains will get you a step closer to a personal goal. Alternatively, automate your philanthropy by donating money every time you visit a local restaurant to help others who are in need or when you make a new sale. How you give or save money is completely up to you and can be tailored to match your spending habits as well as your personal goals.

  • Create sustainable wellness habits

    Automation is ideal for anyone looking to take on a new habit or create positive routines. One less thing to think about as you integrate new elements into your day will make it seamless and more likely to stick. IFTTT’s reliability allows you to create triggers that make it easy to remember to meditate, get your steps in, journal, or whatever other practice you want to begin.

    Here are some of the top ways people love to integrate their routines.

  • Top resources and guides for productivity

    We have hundreds of blogs, videos, tutorials, and help center articles that can help you walk through every step of automating the services in your life. Here are some that you might love right now.

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    Want to do even more with IFTTT? Explore the possibilities and create powerful experiences by making your own Applets.


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