How to Use a Discord Soundboard

By The IFTTT Team

July 10, 2024

How to Use a Discord Soundboard
  • Discord is without doubt one of the biggest platforms for online communities, catering to gamers, podcasters, and even work teams. With casual chat and voice rooms, Discord makes it easy to get your message across in a fun and approachable way.

    One newly added feature that enhances the voice chat experience is the soundboard, a very entertaining potential addition to your server. Essentially, with the click of a button, you can play a custom sound of your choosing that everyone in the voice channel will hear. Servers can have a variety of these buttons, whether it be a funny soundbite of a friend, an airhorn, or a video game quote; you can easily program these soundboards to your liking.

    But how do you use a Discord soundboard? How do you add and manage sounds for the best user experience? This guide will answer these questions, offering a simple five step tutorial on setting up a Discord soundboard to its fullest potential. Whether you're a Discord newbie or a seasoned user, we hope that IFTTT can help bring your Discord server to the next level with our plethora of free automations. Keep reading to learn more!

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    What is Discord Soundboard


    A Discord soundboard is a tool that plays pre-recorded sounds, ranging from music clips to sound effects and voice lines. In the past, you could add a soundboard to Discord through a third-party bot, which can play these sounds in voice channels. Seeing the popularity of these bots, Discord introduced its own in-app soundboard in 2023. In this guide, we'll mostly cover how to use the in-app soundboard, but users should know there are other options if they aren't satisfied with the stock soundboard.

    The number one reason to use a Discord soundboard is to clown around with your friends or coworkers (duh), but beyond that, there are many creative uses for a soundboard you might not know. These include:

    • Playing background music during gaming sessions
    • Adding sound effects to enhance storytelling in role-playing games
    • Creating a unique atmosphere for special events
    • Simulating environmental sounds for ambiance

    Soundboards can truly transform your Discord experience, making your server more engaging and entertaining for all members.

    How to add sounds to Discord Soundboard

    Discord's in-app soundboard is a fantastic feature for injecting some fun into your voice chats without needing third-party bots. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you add sounds to your Discord soundboard.

    1. Access your server settings

    Screenshot 2024-05-27 223727

    First, make sure you have the necessary permissions (typically, you need to be an admin or have the "Manage Server" permission). Then, follow these steps:

    • Open Discord and go to your server.
    • Click on your server name at the top left of the screen to open the dropdown menu.
    • Select Server Settings.

    2. Navigate to the soundboard settings

    Screenshot 2024-05-27 223748

    In the server settings menu:

    • Scroll down and find the Soundboard tab on the left-hand side.
    • Click on Soundboard to open the soundboard settings.

    3. Add sounds to your soundboard

    Screenshot 2024-05-27 223811

    In the soundboard settings:

    • Click on the Upload Sound button.
    • A file browser will open. Select the sound file you want to upload. Make sure your file is in a supported format (e.g., .mp3, .wav).

    4. Configure your sound

    Screenshot 2024-05-27 223818

    After uploading your sound:

    • Name your sound: Give your sound a recognizable name so users can easily identify it.
    • Assign a keybind (optional): You can assign a keybind to your sound for quick access during chats.
    • Set volume levels: Adjust the volume to ensure it’s at an appropriate level for your server.

    Click Save to add the sound to your soundboard.

    5. Use your soundboard in voice channels

    Now that your sounds are added:

    • Join a voice channel on your server.
    • Click on the soundboard icon (usually represented by a music note or similar icon) in the voice channel controls.
    • Select and play the sound you added from the soundboard menu.

    Soundboard etiquette and best practices

    Using a soundboard on Discord can be silly, but it's important to use it responsibly. Overuse can disrupt conversations and annoy other users. Always ask for permission before using your soundboard in a voice channel, especially if it's not your server. Respect other users' experiences, comply if someone asks you to stop, and keep your soundboard volume at a reasonable level.

    Here are some other best practices when using a Discord soundboard:

    • Test your sounds: Before using the sounds in a live chat, test them to ensure they play correctly and at a suitable volume.

    • Update regularly: If you have server permissions, refresh your soundboard with new and relevant sounds to keep things interesting for your server members.

    • Use high-quality sounds: Choose sound clips that are clear and free of background noise. High-quality sounds ensure better listening experiences for everyone.

    • Inform new users: If new members join and are unfamiliar with the soundboard, explain how it works and what to expect. This helps maintain a friendly and inclusive atmosphere.

    Better Discord with IFTTT

    R (13)

    IFTTT, which stands for “If This Then That,” is the perfect tool to bring your Discord server up a notch. Simply put, IFTTT is our free web-based platform that allows you to create automated workflows that can help you save time and stay organized.

    The basic idea behind IFTTT is to create "Applets" or sets of instructions that trigger when certain conditions are met. This can be turning on the lights automatically when you enter your house, for example. In the case of Discord, we offer hundreds of automations, like syncing Google Tasks to Discord, or notifying a server when a Rust alarm goes off in-game.

    Founded in 2011, IFTTT has been used by over 25 million individuals to automate both business and home tasks, saving time and increasing efficiency. It's been used to connect over 1000 disparate services and systems, making all products and services work well together in a way that instills user confidence. Best of all, it's free and only takes a couple of minutes to set up.

    Best Discord Applets with IFTTT

    Screenshot 2023-06-27 122316

    Discord message when event begins

    Receive a Discord message when and event from search begins. Add a keyword to have this Applet triggered by specific events that are relevant to your Discord channels.

    Send a Discord notification when a Google Form is submitted

    This applet will send an embed notification in a specific channel in your Discord server every time a specific Google Form is submitted.

    New tweet by specific user sends Discord message

    When the user you specify creates a new tweet, notify your Discord server in a rich text message.

    To enable these applets and millions more (yes, millions), try IFTTT today for free.

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