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How to use IFTTT Android widgets

  • What are widgets?

    Widgets are a quick way to access information from an app. You can manage your device widgets by selecting the plus icon on your home screen. IFTTT widgets give you access to our popular widgets that can all act as triggers for your favorite automations.

    We recently updated our Android Rich Widgets! Get notifications on your screen. Receive news, updates, and other information that you can browse or click on from your Home screen.

    Update your IFTTT app to the latest Android version to try it out!

    How to use the notification widget

    To use this new feature, you need to create or enable an Applet that uses the new Notification action, “Send a rich notification to the IFTTT mobile widget”. You can edit and customize the title, body, and image that will appear in your notification widget.

  • Create your own notification widget Applet

    1. Go to Create on the IFTTT Android app.
    2. Select your trigger service.
    3. Tap the + next to Then That.
    4. Search “Notifications”.
    5. Select the "Send a rich notification to the IFTTT mobile widget action".
    6. Customize and update fields with the ingredients of your choice.
    7. Add a title.
    8. Tap Finish.

    How to add a notification widget to your Home screen

    1. Tap and hold on your Home screen.
    2. Select Widgets, when it appears on the bottom.
    3. Search IFTTT.
    4. Select IFTTT Notifications, and tap Add.
    5. Select the Applet that you want to attach to the Notification Widget.
    6. Drag the vertical or horizontal edges of the Widget to resize it.

    Get started with widgets

    How you use these widgets is up to you, download the latest version of the Android app in the Google Play store to get started.

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