iRobot holiday magic

By The IFTTT Team

December 02, 2021

  • Just bought a Roomba® Robot Vacuum? This blog is for you. Find out how to automate and integrate your robot vacuum in new and powerful ways.

    iRobot® Roomba® robot vacuum is the easiest, best way to clean your floors (since you don’t actually have to do anything). This holiday season, you might be giving or receiving one of these robot vacuums. If you are, keep reading to learn how to get the most out of your new device.

    iRobot® built connections that help you to fine-tune your vacuuming experience. With IFTTT, you can integrate Roomba® with your other smart home technology, control when and how your Roomba® cleans and receive updates on the cleaning status.

    There are two easy ways to automate Roomba® robot, either via Applets on IFTTT or with the connections in the iRobot HOME app itself. Let’s jump into what your robot vacuum is capable of doing.

    Clean when you’re away

    This one might feel like holiday magic because you will come home to a clean house every time. (sparkle emoji) Using location services or any of the triggers from your home security system, you can enable a connection or Applet that tells your Roomba® robot to start a cleaning job when you leave your home.

    Bring this ability to life by downloading the iRobot HOME app for Android or iOS.

    Clean up before your holiday party

    Use the Google Calendar or iOS Calendar integrations to set up a special cleanup before any upcoming holiday gatherings. While you are putting finishing touches on your desserts or getting ready for guests, your Roomba® can take care of your floors so they are ready to impress anyone who walks through your door.

  • Hands-free vacuuming

    Google Assitant and Siri can all have customizable phrases to start a cleaning job. Have a specific name for your Roomba® robot? Use that as a trigger to tell your vacuum to begin tidying up. You can even create a custom phrase that cleans a specific area in your home for robots with Imprint™ Smart Mapping Technology.

  • Quick clean

    Use the handy IFTTT button widget to start a cleaning job for a specific room when you’re on your way home or when you notice it needs some special attention.

  • Automatically stop cleaning when…

    Pause your Roomba® cleaning job when the doorbell rings, you get a phone call, or right before an important meeting.

  • Know when your robot is stuck or done cleaning

    Get notifications to let you know when your floors are clean or if your robot is stuck, whether you want to find out by email or as a spoken notification on a hearing instrument.

  • Track cleaning routines

    With Welltory, you can automatically track your Roomba® cleaning sessions and add them to your lifestyle analytics. Alternatively, keep track of when your home was last vacuumed in a Google Sheet or on your calendar.

  • Robot friends

    Automate different Roomba® devices to trigger each other or coordinate their work around the house.

  • Keep up with iRobot®

    If you love creating Applets with iRobot®, get an email every time they publish a new trigger or action.

  • iRobot® HOME app

    IFTTT allows you to unlock new features of your iRobot and expand the integrations available for your device. The iRobot HOME app a great place to enable the powerful connections the team at iRobot® has made just for you.