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Don’t clean your home (make robots do it)

By The IFTTT Team

April 05, 2022

 Don’t clean your home (make robots do it)
  • A clean home is the perfect way to spring into a new season. As you open up your windows to let the fresh air in, you have a great opportunity to spend some time decluttering, dusting, and creating new cleaning routines.

    You could spend hours a week cleaning your house to make sure the floors are crumb-free and your dishes shine, but why would you? Technology can help you make it happen. You can keep your house sparkling using home appliances and smart devices available on IFTTT, giving you more time to spend any way you want.

    Spring cleaning tips

    The start of a new season is a great opportunity to refresh your home and reset from your long winter’s rest. Setting aside time on your calendar over a few weeks to tackle different areas of your house can be a great way to make spring cleaning more attainable and less arduous. It is a good idea to tidy the parts of your home that don’t make it into your regular cleaning routine, such as the drawers in your fridge, oven racks, or gathering the dust off your blinds. It is also a time to review the clothes in your closet that you might not have worn over the previous season or products in your bathroom that are expired, empty, or unopened. Look for local organizations in your area for places to donate clothes, toys, or other belongings that can benefit others.

    Set a reminder to make sure you prioritize your upcoming spring clean!

  • Your big spring clean might require some manual work, but there is no reason you can't automate your tidy tasks to keep your home clean all year.

    Clean the floors

    Your friends, family, roommates, and partners will be floored (pun intended) by how clean your home is. We promise not to anyone that you automated the whole thing.

  • Do your dishes, clean your clothes

    Smart devices extend into all areas of our homes, including smart dishwashers and laundry machines. Start specific laundry cycles based on your calendar, send yourself a reminder if it’s time to fold, or start your dishwasher from anywhere with a voice assistant. Plus, in the event that your dishwasher starts leaking, IFTTT can automatically order you a pizza so you can avoid more dishes.

  • Freshen the air

    Air purifiers, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers all do their job of keeping your air clean and at the humidity levels you prefer. Create routines that make it easy to maintain conditions that make you comfortable in your home. Some humidifiers even give you the option to use essential oils or other additions that can make your home smell fresh, too.

  • Automate maintenance tasks

    Spring cleaning is about more than tidying your house. You should also check to make sure your fire alarms and smoke detectors have fresh batteries, should they require them. For the rest of the year, notifications can help you keep your devices charged and ready when you need them.

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