Smart home

Ultimate smart home guide 2024

By The IFTTT Team

June 01, 2021

  • Smart home technology is available for every part of our households, furthering the reach of the internet of things. When it comes to building a smart home that works for you, knowing where to start can be hard. There are many benefits to having a smart home, including making your home more energy efficient, improving security, and upgrading your space to fit your lifestyle.

    IFTTT has created a solution for the multitude of different platforms and devices that are available for homeowners. We believe that every thing works better together, so we have created the ability for you to control your smart light bulbs, as well as your kettle, and your security system… all in the same place.

    IFTTT works with or without smart home hubs and provides homeowners with the flexibility to select devices and services that fit their needs and goals, without considering whether they were built to work with the other elements of their home. As long as it’s on IFTTT, we provide the flexibility required to integrate multiple devices.

    Smart lights

    Smart lights include the ability to control your lights remotely, change colors, and modify the brightness in a room. You can make it look like you’re at home when you’re on vacation, or turn off all of the lights without even getting out of bed.

    With IFTTT, it’s okay if some of your smart lights are from Wyze and the other ones are from Phillips Hue. We integrate with both, along with nearly 700 other services and devices, to make them all work together.

    Explore all of our smart light services.

  • Smart plugs

    Smart plugs are one of the best tools for energy efficiency and control over the appliances in your home. IFTTT can help you enable certain electronics based on the time of day, notifications you receive, or when you wake up in the morning. Have your kettle boiling around the time you usually have a cup of tea in the afternoon or quickly press a button to make sure your hair dryer is off.

  • Smart thermostats

    Control your temperature based on the weather outside, the time of day, or whether you are at home. A thermostat system can help you lower your heating and AC bills each month by optimizing the times that it runs.

  • Audio systems

    IFTTT integrates with smart audio systems, such as speakers, home assistant hubs, and more. These are easy ways to listen to your favorite song or get things accomplished hands-free.

    • Smart security

      Smart security includes cameras, motion detectors, doorbells, keypads, window sensors, smoke detectors, and whatever other products that are available through your system of choice. With IFTTT, you can create Applets that enable your system when no one is home, provide you with tailored notifications when something happens, and even get alerts when the kids come home from school.

    • Smart gardens

      Robot lawnmowers and smart sprinkler systems are just a start for those with (or even without) a green thumb. Using Applets that combine weather forecasting with watering schedules, you can make sure your grass stays perfectly hydrated all season long.

    • Smart appliances

      Smart fridges, kettles, and garage doors are making their way into the home market. You can automate these in relation to your time zone, to the weather, or based on when you wake up in the morning. IFTTT Applets and automations are made to fit your life, so they are completely customizable to your preferences and can be modified anytime.

    • Explore more smart home services

      With 700 services available on the IFTTT platform (and more added weekly), you will be able to create the integrations that make everything work better together.