Spotlight: Connect multiple accounts per service

By The IFTTT Team

April 13, 2022

Spotlight: Connect multiple accounts per service
  • We recently launched the ability to connect multiple accounts per service, meaning users can authenticate and automate more than one account within their IFTTT profile. This feature is extremely valuable for anyone who manages both personal and business integrations, uses IFTTT to automate their social media strategy, or who oversees multiple properties.

    You can connect more than one account for authenticated services. Non-authenticated services like Weather Underground, Notifications, and Location can not access this feature.

    Some popular ways to use this feature include integrating more than one social media profile or attaching multiple calendars. You can even automate more than one account in a single Applet using multiple actions or having one account in the trigger and another in the action.

    Watch our tutorial to see it in action

    Default account

    The first account you connect to IFTTT becomes your default or primary account. When you do not choose a different account in the Applet creation process, the Applet will default to using that account.

    Choosing different accounts

    Throughout the Applet creation process, you can determine which account to include the automation. Alternatively, you can add, delete, or manage your accounts on the Settings page for each service.

  • Create your own!

    When you've got an idea for an Applet that might use multiple accounts per service, roll up your sleeves and create it yourself. 🤓

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