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Summer smart home automations 2024

By The IFTTT Team

March 05, 2024

Summer smart home automations 2024
  • Your smart home 🏡 is far more than just your physical house: it’s the hub that connects your devices, services, and technology both inside and outside. If your smart products and devices extend beyond the walls of your house, then you, my friend, have more than just a smart home: you’ve got a smart property! And having a smart property is especially handy at this time of year.

    If you keep your garden and lawn gear in your garage then connections from Gogogate and Garadget might be just the thing for keeping things humming along smoothly for you and your family. 🌸

  • If you always have the best lawn on the block — or strive to! — then connections from Rachio are going to rock your world and your lawn. And get this: you can even use voice commands! Take a look at some of the ingenious and fun ways you can synchronize your indoor and outdoor life with a few, easy steps.