Save a copy of your Twitter photos to Flickr.

I was frustrated my Twitter photos couldn't be easily exported, backed up or auto-saved. Now I add #f every time I tweet a photo, so a copy is auto-posted to Flickr as a backup. You can change the hashtag to anything you'd prefer; I chose a one-letter tag for fewer characters and to avoid confusion with other hashtagging on Twitter. The tag "blog" is added in this Applet, but you don't need it and can remove it (it's for another trigger). I have another IFTTT Applet running that posts all Flickr photos tagged "blog" to my Tumblr. These two Applets create a daisy-chain where I simply post one photo to Twitter (with #f), and it automatically gets posted to both Flickr and Tumblr.

by violetblue

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