Longpress WeMo Switch to activate Hue scene.

Do you have a WeMo switch controlling the lights in your garage? Do you have a house full of Hue lights that you wish to have come on as soon as you get home? Me too! But, I don't want to use my iPhone GPS all day just waiting for that moment. My schedule is too varied to determine a pre-set time for 'Lights ON' or 'Lights OFF'. Easy as it is to access scene control from a sleeping iPhone (one button press and a small down swipe), my hands are usually otherwise occupied. WeMo had one more trick to show me. My WeMo switch still turns my garage lights on and off for me, both manually and through scheduled timers. Also, when I 'long-press' WeMo Switch (hold down button a few seconds), I activate a scene on Hue lights inside my home. With the very brief delay between trigger an action, the result is a quite nice effect; that is, seeing the lights fade into life as I close door behind me. The long-press does not affect the state of garage lights and, it's just as easy to execute when both arms are loaded with groceries...or laundry....or tools....or....

by 1chicagodave

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