Post to Google+ via voicemail.

How nice to be able to call a number and have it translated to text that is posted in a post on your Google+ profile! To do this, you must first set up both the PHONE CALL and GMAIL services on ifttt. After doing so, simply call 415-938-6993 from the number associated with your ifttt account. Next, in the email "To" field below, you need to add your *Google+ email address* that you can post to. To learn how to discover this email address, visit Mike Elgan's article at In the body section below, add whatever circle you want to post to. If you leave it blank, it will post to your circles by default. If you add +public, it will post publicly, etc. (Beware of transcriptions could be incorrect. In other words, check your posts afterwards.)

by jruggiero

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