Email an (Audio!) Entry to Day One

In conjunction with another recipe of mine, "Submit Audio Recording to Day One", this email recipe can, among other uses, be used to post audio recordings as new Day One entries. This recipe is based on the analogous recipe by the Day One developer paulm, except that his recipe wasn't working properly for me in its default setup. My recipe swaps the "Body" ingredient for the "BodyHTML" ingredient. The results may vary depending on the email software you use; neither option worked error-free for me, but this one with the "BodyHTML" ingredient seems preferable. Just make sure the email you are sending is formatted as HTML (no plain-text email) – otherwise, your Day One entry will be blank. This means the default "Mail" app on iOS cannot be used for posting to Day One using this particular recipe, because it emails in plain-text by default. However, emailing via the Spark or Gmail apps works fine. Normally, I definitely prefer plain-text emails over HTML emails, but line-breaks were never preserved when using the "Body" ingredient, which is why I switched to "BodyHTML" for this recipe.

by faterson

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