You deserve to be Loved

How has life been treating you? Have you ever wondered if you are truly loved? Do you lack a sense of belonging? Have you ever been told how special you are? Or do you fill the void of someone committed to your life?? You see, my friend, Life is designed to make us feel these ways. You cannot get someone to be the solution to all of these emptiness, no one person can really fill in that vacuum, there aways will be a missing and empty vacuum left. But you see, there is someone somewhere that ha something that will substitute for all the pains and frustrations life tend to plant Ito your life. This Guy is committed to making your life filed with all the good things of life. He is equipped with more than enough Resources to make your dreams happen. Do you feel the void of Business Ideas , Academic Breakthroughs, Financial increase.. Hey, do you True live and emotional support, this Guy has already the resources to fill up all those vacuum in your life.. You know that popular portion of the Bible John 3:16? He actually came for your sake. Yeah, he came because of you. The Bible records that WHOSOEVER BELIEVES IN HIM. That means if YOU my friend are the only one in the whole world who believes He will still be willing to die for just you alone. Is that how much your life worth? That the only son of God will lay down His life for? YES dear friend, that's how much your life us worth. NOW, if God gave His only son for you, and the Son also is was willing and laid down His life for you, what else can He not give you? Have you ever thought of that? What ever it is that's lacking in your life , is it Peace, Joy, Contentment, Do you need Answers to life's questions? Do you need Love and attention? Come over to Him and let Him be your Contentment, He is more than enough my Friend. The Bible says to cast your cares upon him, let him do the Job friend, He is too committed to see you Condemned. If you are tired of endless struggles that yields no results are willing to let him take the wheel , Just lift your hands and confess thus; Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for your love and unending mercies in my life, Lord I commit my life into your hands , I ask Lord that you take the wheel and find Glory in me. I hand over the leadership of my life to you Lord, I trust you with my life Lord, take it and make it yours. Amen Congrats friend, get set for a life of Peace and Joy as you let Him take the wheel. If you are yet to know Him or you drifted away and want to rededicate your life to HIM, just confess thus; Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for the sacrifice of your life on the Cross of Calvary, a proof of your love for me, thank you for your mercies dear Lord, I am sorry for living my life thus far without you, Today, I declare You as my Lord and personal savior, I receive youb you into my life today as the custodian of my Destiny and I decide to follow you and Lord, NO TURNING BACK. Thank you Lord for today, I am Born again. In Jesus' Mighty Name. Amen. Congrats my friend, and welcome into the Family of Jesus . I urge you dear friend to locate a living Church , as the spirit of the Lord leads you and be dedicated, grow in your love walk with God and experience true love and peace. And see His make a wonder out of your life. Congratulations once again. I celebrate you.

by engprodel09

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