Evernote: Applet tips to up your productivity

Evernote has been on IFTTT for years — from the very beginning, we knew their sophisticated note taking, organizing, and archiving capabilities were the perfect fit for our users. Our assumption was correct, to the tune of 320 million Applet runs (and counting)!

Whether you’re just getting started with Evernote and IFTTT or you’ve been using it for years, chances are there’s still more you could do. Take a look at some of our favorite Applets, and tips for getting the most out of the service.

Think outside of the [text] box

Evernote can handle audio URLs and images, too. Turn a notebook into a source full of multimedia inspiration with Applets like these.

Use Evernote tags to share selectively

If you want to sync absolutely everything across apps, it’s easy with the new note in a notebook trigger.

But, if you want to be a bit pickier, you can add tags. Think of them as a flag that says “this is the note to share.” Even better: the specific tag trigger fires when you add the tag to the note, not when the note is written. So you can draft something up and work on it over time, and add your tag when you’re ready to share.

Create a one-stop command center

If Evernote is your source of truth for action items, make sure you capture everything that needs to be done. Turn on an Applet that syncs Evernote with your favorite task manager, so you can command and control from one place. The append to-do to note trigger comes in handy here.

Capture your thoughts as they come

Try a widget Applet to add something quickly while you’re out and about, or use your voice to dictate to a helper like Google Assistant. No idea will escape!

Be ready to take notes for every meeting

Connect Evernote to iOS or Google Calendar to make sure you’re capturing the right information in the right context, and always have a place to jot down follow-ups and next steps.

Remember to reconnect!

We sometimes hear from Evernote fans that their Applets have stopped working. Usually there’s a very simple reason: our permission to work with your Evernote account has expired. Thankfully, the fix is just as simple: just visit the Evernote page, click settings in the top right corner, and reconnect.

Now you’re ready to take your productivity to the next level. Note to self: get started!