Tools for new managers

By The IFTTT Team

January 31, 2019

  • Congratulations 🎉 you've been promoted to your first management position. You may have already noticed that it’s difficult to find time for your own work when your schedule is eaten up with supervising, meetings, and reporting. Throw quarterly and yearly planning into the mix? Yikes! Fortunately, IFTTT has your back. We’ve rounded up our favorite tools to help you balance your schedule and maximize productivity 📈.

    Keep up with email

    Is your inbox out of control? We know that feeling. Your new title likely came with a substantial increase in the number of emails you receive each day. The endless stream of distribution lists, inter-departmental requests, communications with direct reports, and cc’d messages can be overwhelming.

    Connect these services to help reduce your risk of missing an important ✉️ and make it easy to pull critical tasks out of your inbox and into the project management tool of your choice.

    • Simplify recurring tasks

      Some of the most time-consuming management tasks are the easiest to anticipate since they repeat on a weekly or monthly basis 📆. Connecting these services will help you get a jump on some of those less exciting items. Remind your team of recurring tasks, simplify time cards, and streamline project management schedules to help everyone work efficiently.

    • Schedule reporting

      Reporting takes time. When you're up to your eyeballs in critical tasks, it can be hard to make time to reflect on and record your team’s accomplishments. This makes it difficult to gauge performance, justify bonuses and new resource requests, and make sure your star 🌟 performers are acknowledged for their extra efforts. Wouldn't it be nice if there were ways to simplify these common reporting tasks? Here are some options to get you started.

    • Jumpstart planning

      Quarterly and yearly planning can really sneak up on you. Protip: treat it like an ongoing exercise instead of something you do every few months. Capture every genius 💡 idea you come up with in the shower, on the bus, or in the middle of the night, and you won’t be left scrambling when it's time to put your plan together.

      Whether you want to connect your calendar to Trello, save your handwritten or whiteboarded notes, or make it easier to incorporate email requests from the CEO into your planning, these connections have you covered.

    • This is an exciting moment in your career. We hope these tools 🔧 make it a bit easier to balance your new responsibilities and put yourself on track for a lifetime of success. Hiring is extremely important to new managers. If you're looking to find jobs for affiliate managers, there are dozens of awesome job websites. The goal is to find employees who can manage themselves and you position yourself as a guide instead of a manager.