Introducing the IFTTT Automation Assistant GPT

By The IFTTT Team

December 18, 2023

  • Today we’re launching the IFTTT Automation Assistant GPT – a new AI Agent that's here to work as your personal assistant.

    With the IFTTT Automation Assistant GPT, ChatGPT Plus users can access over 900 digital tools inside the ChatGPT interface. All you need to do is connect them with IFTTT and you can trigger actions to any of the services you have authorized in IFTTT.

    This means you can create Google Calendar meetings, send slack messages, write and publish blogs, all within the ChatGPT interface.

    Here Megan walks through how cool our tool is!

    What are GPTs?

    GPTs are a custom version of Chat GPT that can be trained and fine-tuned to complete specific tasks or provide context- based information.

    The IFTTT Assistant is our custom GPT designed to perform any actions you've already set up in IFTTT.

    What can the IFTTT Automation Assistant do?

    • It can retrieve a list of all connected services, providing an overview of the options available for interaction in the future.

    • It can search for connected services on IFTTT, helping to identify the specific service needed for a future task, such as finding the Slack service for messaging.

    • It can retrieve available queries for a service, helping to understand what kind of data can be extracted from it in the future.

    • It can run a query within a service to fetch data or information, which can then be utilized for various future purposes.

    • It can provide a list of possible actions for a specific service. This is useful for understanding what tasks can be executed within that service in the future.

    • It can execute a specific action within a service, using the details obtained from search Services to perform tasks like sending a message on Slack in the future.

    IFTTT Automation Assistant GPT examples

    One example use case is : if you want to send a Slack message, the IFTTT Assistant GPT can find the recipient's Slack ID and send the message directly. That's just scratching the surface. It can interact with various services, from social media to smart home devices, and everything in between.

    For the social media enthusiasts, this assistant can help manage your online presence. It  can automatically post updates across multiple platforms, respond to messages, and even analyze your engagement metrics to suggest the best times to post.

    A colleague got a PDF calendar from their Childs school and was able to upload an image of it and create a whole years worth of Google Calendar events in minutes.

    Sign into ChatGPT and use this link below to get access to the IFTTT Assistant GPT:

    IFTTT Assistant GPT