Ok, hey, hello: a voice assistant round-up

Wouldn't it be great if you could call an Uber, play your favorite song, or turn the lights on just by asking? A voice assistant makes it possible, but which one is right for you?

We've rounded up our favorite voice assistants that work with IFTTT to help you decide.  Whether you're looking to purchase your first one or upgrading an existing model, read on to discover how these handy assistants work even better when paired with IFTTT.

Google Assistant

If you Google everything, this assistant might become your new favorite sidekick. With Google Assistant + IFTTT, you can arrange your day, enjoy entertainment, or control your smart home. Send texts, log notes into a spreadsheet, and more when you integrate your Google Assistant devices with time-saving Applets.

Check out our most useful Google Assistant Applets:

Amazon Alexa

If you want to make every task at work and home a breeze, just ask Alexa. When connected to IFTTT, the possibilites are endless — from firing up the vacuum, kicking the kids off the internet to start chores, or keeping your to-do list on track.

Here’s a look at some of the most helpful Amazon Alexa Applets:


Save time and energy with Cortana, your new personal digital assistant. By linking Cortana with IFTTT, you get help with everything from booting up your robot vacuum to starting your slow cooker. Expecting company? Whether you want to start a party or clean up after it, Cortana is happy to help. There’s even an Applet to tell partygoers when it’s time to head home.

Here are a few ways Cortana + IFTTT can make your life a bit easier: 

Invoxia Triby

Link all your favorite devices through this smart hub for your home. This portable design helps you run your household more efficiently. Set timers, get email alerts, or start your day with your favorite song. Everything from making a cup of coffee to checking the weather is easier with Invoxia Triby.

Check out our favorite Triby Applets: 

Whichever voice assistant you choose, there's no limit to what you can accomplish when you connect it to IFTTT. For even more ways to put your voice assistant to work, check out our Applet for voice assistants collection.

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*Prices and model availability are subject to change