7 ways the IFTTT app unlocks new features

By The IFTTT Team

October 31, 2021

  • Using the free IFTTT app for iOS or Android devices gives you access to powerful integration and automation tools. Here are seven ways that using the IFTTT app benefits you:

    1. Location, location, location

    The location service on IFTTT uses the location of your device. You need the IFTTT app to pair your phone or tablet with IFTTT. Using the location service, you can build a geofence to trigger Applets.

    2. 700+ APIs in your pocket

    The App goes with you everywhere, bringing the functionality of more than 700 APIs everywhere. Enough said.

    3. One app to rule them all

    Using our app enables you to receive customized notifications. No need to flood your Slack channels, your email, or anywhere else. Just get a push notification on your phone for the reminders that matter most to you.

    4. Work-life balance

    You can use Applets to access functions of your work accounts, without having to log in to your work accounts on your personal device.

    5. Make your phone all-powerful

    Integrate your phone and tablet with other devices and apps. Get all the features of your iOS or Android device to work seamlessly with other APIs. Once you install the app, you unlock the capacity to back up photos, sync all your to do lists, log health data automatically, and more.

    6. Parlez-vous fran├žais?

    If you speak another language, know that the Android app can too. The IFTTT app for Android is available in seven languages, including French and Japanese.

    7. Your own personal easy button

    The IFTTT app enables you to add custom widgets on your phone and tablet. Make a button that controls multiple devices at once, create a camera widget that uploads certain photos automatically, or build a note widget that sends text to different platforms.

  • Get the IFTTT app for iOS and Android to try out these features yourself.

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