Customize your Google Home and assistant

By The IFTTT Team

April 05, 2022

Customize your Google Home and assistant
  • Hey Google, did you know you can do so much more with IFTTT?

    Your Google voice assistant has the ability to control certain devices, play music, and answer your burning questions. It is also able to access a smart home ecosystem of over 700 apps, services, and devices in entirely customizable ways.

    The coolest, quirkiest, and most helpful things that your Google Home is capable of doing can be unlocked with IFTTT. If you are new here, you may be wondering -WTF is IFTTT? If you are already familiar with our automation and integration capabilities, allow us to show you how simple it is to get the most out of your Google Home.

    Create custom trigger phrases

    You can say almost anything to Google Assistant and have it answer you in a completely unique way. Using the IFTTT Applet creator, you can quickly and simply set up which key phrase you would like to use, as well as input alternate versions that will also trigger the same routines.

    Additionally, you get to control how Google Assistant will respond to your command.


    Control your smart devices

    Your Google Assistant is capable of controlling many of the smart elements in your home. You can expand the reach and possibilities of your voice assistant using IFTTT. Use it to sync your to do lists across services or make sure your calendars remain consistent during the week.

    Most popular Google Assistant Applets

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