IFTTT Earth Day Hackathon

By The IFTTT Team

April 21, 2021

  • Earth Day was first established in the 1970s and is now recognized as the largest secular observance in the world, according to Earth Day is intended to be a day of action in order to inspire changes around the world to benefit the planet.

    This year, we created an internal Earth Day Hackathon to inspire our team and help the IFTTT community see the endless possibilities available with the services on IFTTT. The rules for the Hackathon were simple; each team had to develop an Applet that creatively benefited the environment in some way using two or more IFTTT enabled services.

    Our recent integration with MoreTrees has allowed us to create Applets that further reduce carbon emissions. Each of the winning team members even had trees planted in their names. 🌱

    Our Earth Day Hackathon winner was the team that created ‘Bicicleta Por Greta’ a uniquely creative Applet that is triggered every time you log a Strava activity.

    Keep reading to check out the rest of our team’s Hackathon Applets and enable them for yourself!

    Bicicleta Por Greta

    This Applet that is triggered every time you log a Strava activity. Each activity is logged in a Google Sheet, plants a tree using MoreTrees, and sends a notification from the IFTTT app that you can use as bragging rights to your friends.

  • Drive efficiently with Bouncie and MoreTrees

    Bouncie is a complete connected car solution that monitors the location, health, and performance of your vehicle. It can also track your fuel efficiency. Within IFTTT, there is a trigger defined by when your car’s fuel efficiency was less than ideal. A calculated number of trees is planted based on the activation of the Bouncie trigger and a filter code to determine the price of crude oil, also sending a notification to let you know how many trees were planted in your name with MoreTrees.

  • Plant a Tree when the Air Quality Index in your area is unhealthy

    Using the AirNow Air Quality RSS feed in your local area, you can monitor the air quality where you live. To take this Applet a step further, the team connected it with MoreTrees, Email, and Notifications to plant a tree in your name and let you know.

  • Get Your Vitamin D

    This is a daily Applet that alerts you when it is the ideal time of day in your local area to get maximum vitamin D exposure. This Applet uses Weather Underground to determine when the UV index is above 3. Remember to bring your sunscreen!

  • The all-in-one Earth Day Applet

    This Applet triggers every Earth Day and connects a donation through Make it Donate, plants trees with MoreTrees, sends you a notification, and posts to Twitter to let Greta Thurnburg know how you have contributed to the environment.

    • Earth Day is a tangible reminder of the importance of making eco-friendly choices and finding ways to reduce your carbon footprint. You can continue your efforts to live eco-consciously by automating your choices and implementing changes that can become a part of your daily life.

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