Free ways to go green 2023

  • Your eco-friendly efforts don’t cost a thing. That is, when they use IFTTT. Create automations that make it possible for you to reduce your carbon footprint without smart devices or appliances and without making major investments into your energy sources.

    Creating habits that improve your sustainability and save energy can be as simple as creating regular reminders and notifications to do habits or activities that you want to do. Check out some of our Applets below to get started or use them as inspiration to make your own!

    Remember the reusable bags!

    How often do you get to the grocery store check out with a cart full of groceries, only to realize you left your reusable bags in the trunk of your car? Create a geofence around your local grocery store and get a mobile notification or a VoIP call whenever you get there. Simple, but highly effective.

  • Enjoy the sunshine

    Create a notification that lets you know when the weather in your area is clear, sunny, and warm. You can use this as a reminder that you can walk to work or to let you know it’s a great day to hang your laundry on the line instead of turning on your dryer.

  • Do your research

    Social platforms can be a great way to connect with other people who are trying to live more sustainably and to get tips from them. Create a weekly email digest for the top posts from /r/sustainability or /r/LowWaste to see what resources members are sharing. You can customize these Applets to get updates from the subreddit of your choosing and participate in forums that are discussing topics that resonate with your lifestyle.

  • All of the lights

    If you do not have smart lights or smart plugs connected to your devices, use notifications, texts, emails, or calls to remember to turn your devices off in the morning when the sun comes up or before you go to bed. Minimizing the amount of time your devices are on unnecessarily will help you reduce your energy bill over time.

  • Explore

    Want to find more ways to go green? Explore the possibilities and create powerful experiences by making your own Applets. Get started!


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